Happy Valley – Nine Lands of Wonder

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For any traveller entering Chinese mainland from south, Shenzhen is a city that is hard to miss. Originally a small fishing harbour, Shenzhen is at present a ‘Special Economic Zone' as declared by the Chinese government, and that means city's spirit is rather different from most other cities usually experienced in China. Due to the economic freedom, Shenzhen is a frequent haunt of international businessmen, but it also has a lot to offer for thrill seekers and holidaymakers as it boasts some of the largest and most astounding theme parks in all of China; and sitting right on top of the list is Shenzhen's Happy Valley.

Being the largest and most lavishly designed of Shenzhen's impressive array of theme parks, Happy Valley truly is an attraction worth visiting. At Happy Valley you would find a fantastic realm where it will feel as if the world fell away from you like a yesterday's dream only to find yourself lost in a dreamscape right out of the colourful fantasies of your younger days. With nine captivating and exiting representations of fantasy and historic themes to entertain you, Happy Valley offers a distraction to indulge in for everyone.

Shenzhen's largest theme park is literally a world of its own. Entering through the Spanish Square and welcomed with the nostalgic spirit and feel of the Spanish golden age, you can journey onwards to enjoy hair raising thrills of Mt.Adventure down to a rail ride through the flash flooding gold mine, where you can even forge a Happy Valley keepsake for yourself. Explore the majesty of the mystical Shangri-La forest and fall off world's highest artificial falls in Typhoon Bay, ending the day with a jolly splashdown at Playa Maya Water Park in the shade of towering Mayan ruins. Hundreds of games galore with extraordinary performances staged every day, both children and grown-ups won't feel left out in this one of a kind amazing experience of a theme park.

With the warm weather and sunny skies of southern China, you will find Happy Valley teeming with adults and children from all over the world every day of the year. As such, top notch accommodation in a Shenzhen hotelof your choice is not hard to come by at all. With competitive pricing and attractive holiday packages, many a hotel in Shenzhenoffers favourable lodging options. One place that is worth checking out is Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen; a hotel that truly holds a shangri-la experience. With stylish, elegant rooms, exceptional service and impressive cuisine, your time in Shenzhen can be spent enjoying the comforts of the orients at this gem of a hotel. As it is located at the heart of Futian district, all the major attractions of Shenzhen are just minutes away. There will always be a bus, metro or taxi waiting to whisk you away to a magical afternoon in Happy Valley, a place which will have you coming back to ‘Shoot the Chute' for years to come.

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Happy Valley – Nine Lands of Wonder

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This article was published on 2010/12/21