The Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County

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The Valley of the Moon is a wine growing region located in Sonoma Valley wine country. The Valley of the Moon is the area located between highway 12 and Arnold Drive. The Valley of the Moon is valley surrounded by Mount Vedeer and Sonoma Mountain in the west.

There a number of small wineries , large and chateau wineries, boutiques wineries, hotels and SPA hotels in the Valley of the Moon.

The question is why this wine growing region Sonoma County called the Valley of the Moon?

The Native Americans called the Miwok lived in California for thousands of years.

The local Miwok who settled down in the actual area called the Valley of the Moon,saw one night the moon appearing over the Valley 7 times the same night. The Native Americans decided to call this Valley as "Sonoma". But where the Valley of the Moon takes its source. Actually, " Sonoma" in the tribal language of the Miwok who lived in this area means: The Valley of the Moon!

Also, the American author Jack London who spent the rest of his life in the Valley of the Moon wrote an interesting novel he called the Valley of the Moon as well. This novel is a kind of a auto biography relating his own story.

You may check out Sonoma town plaza when you travel to the valley of the moon: However the town square is not purely a historical destination. Many chic restaurants and spas line its exterior, and a playground makes the lush square kid-friendly. Additionally, many wine brokers are also present on the town square offering some of Sonoma's best wines old and new. Due to the abundance of wineries in the area, you can count on the store for a huge selection and the staff for having lots of knowledge about their product. Make sure to find a souvenir! Learn More...

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The Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County

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This article was published on 2010/04/02